A step in the right direction for the recovery of Yarra Pygmy Perch

A step in the right direction for the recovery of Yarra Pygmy Perch

On Wednesday 28th August, the Border Watch ran a short story highlighting the great work being done by Millicent High School in the recovery effort for the Yarra Pygmy Perch.

The Yarra Pygmy Perch, one of the most threatened species of native freshwater fish in the South East region

NGT’s Lachlan Farrington has also been involved by working with DEWNR and Millicent HS to help monitor captive bred fish that were released into their Youth Creating Habitat site – a dam near Mt Muirhead. As the full story below explains, the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

Lachlan being assisted by Millicent HS students to check the traps for Yarra Pygmy Perch

Importantly, subject to the findings of genetic analysis to be undertaken as part of an upcoming State NRM Grant recently awarded to NGT, these fish may soon become a key source population for translocations back into wetland habitats in other parts of the region. In this tangible way, the school project is playing a direct role in the wider conservation of a nationally threatened fish species.

Well done to Vanessa (DEWNR), Kate (formerly of DEWNR) Natasha (DEWNR), Kathy (Millicent HS) and the students from Millicent HS for your efforts so far! Also a special mention to Scott Slater and Michael Hammer who coordinated the rescue of wild Yarra Pygmy Perch threatened by local extinction during the last drought, to help initiate the school-based captive breeding program.

The article from the Border Watch on Wednesday 28th August. Please click to enlarge, and press “stop slideshow” to read.


Mark Bachmann