A taste of native fish conservation at the Adelaide zoo!

A taste of native fish conservation at the Adelaide zoo!

On a recent visit to the Adelaide Zoo nocturnal house, it was great to see that our native freshwater fish and other aquatic species are being given some prominent space – helping bring aquatic species conservation issues to a much wider audience.

In addition to the live displays in the nocturnal house, there was also a back-lit panel with an overview of the Action Plan for South Australian Freshwater Fishes and the link to the NGT website where we are hosting a download of the Action Plan – please click on the photo below to enlarge the panel display…

The Action Plan for SA Freshwater Fishes display at the Adelaide Zoo

As you may already know, native freshwater fish conservation is a big focus for NGT, and something that has been given a boost by the recent addition of Lauren Veale, joining Nick Whiteroad (our Senior Aquatic Ecologist) on our Aquasave – NGT team. If you would like to speak with either Nick or Lauren about native fish conservation in NGT’s focal region (between Adelaide in SA, and Melbourne in Victoria) please get in touch.



Mark Bachmann