A warm welcome to our new subscribers and supporters! – plus your quick-reference guide to NGT…

This is the first monthly NGT Newsletter update since the Walker Swamp story spread far and wide, so it is wonderful to be able to welcome our many news subscribers. Even if you are not local to south-eastern Australia (Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales or Tasmania) where we mostly work, we hope you will find the range of topics we explore of interest and maybe even applicable or transferable to your own local area.

Applied environmental science – especially restoration science and/or threatened species recovery in particular – is very much about sharing ideas, problem solving and testing potential solutions, so it is great to have you now part of our collective “brains trust”, and we welcome your future questions and interaction. We are a relatively small team of professional ecologists, ably assisted by a very dedicated team of volunteers, but we like to think big and most importantly, get things done!

For those who are interested in learning more about what kind of organisation NGT is, exactly what we do, why we are doing it and how we operate, I wrote a detailed article last year that I suggest you read in the first instance. This is the equivalent of a FAQ page for NGT – so I hope it answers your questions!

Click here to see the article that covers the FAQs for Nature Glenelg Trust

We look forward to sharing a wide range of news and information with you over the years ahead – and getting you involved in our future restoration, research, conservation and environmental education activities. On behalf of the team at NGT, welcome!

Welcome from the NGT team!
Mark Bachmann