ABC Open “Day in a Life” video workshops – The journey to White Sands

ABC Open “Day in a Life” video workshops – The journey to White Sands

In the middle of October I was involved in a workshop being run by ABC Open. ABC Open is a fantastic government initiative which encourages regional Australians to share their stories via writing, photos, videos and sounds.

I took part in the Day in a Life project which aims to capture a day in the life of someone (or something) via video. Colleen Hughson, who is the ABC Open producer for South West Victoria, ran a series of informative and inspiring workshops detailing how to capture footage, overlay soundtracks and edit together and publish a video. The ultimate outcome is a short video, and for my project I portrayed a recent walk into White Sands with Mark titled A day with some frogs.

It is amazing how much footage you can collect for just a short 2 minute film but hopefully you will enjoy the outcome. I had a lot of fun putting it together and have learnt some good tips and techniques that should add a different angle to the promotion of some of our work.

Make sure you check out the other interesting stories on ABC Open and if you’re interested in upcoming projects or workshops then you can check out the events section on the ABC Open webpage.

Taking footage for the video at White Sands


Lachlan Farrington