Aquasave Consultants and NGT Consulting Update

Aquasave Consultants and NGT Consulting Update

For those of you that interact with us at NGT via our website and updates, you’ll hear quite a bit about what the Trust is generally up to, but you may not be as aware of the ecological consulting services we provide under two registered trading names – Aquasave Consultants and NGT Consulting. In brief, Aquasave and NGT Consulting are available to undertake environmental consulting work that is consistent with our charter – namely (in layman’s terms) – it must be unquestionably good for the environment. In this way, the consulting businesses actively contribute to Nature Glenelg Trust’s goal of using sound science to guide our environmental work – as it is often through consulting work that we are given the best opportunity to practice and develop our scientific skills and understanding of the region.

The work that Aquasave and NGT Consulting undertake for clients is often, at least in the first instance, confidential. However with time, many clients are comfortable for basic details about past projects to be shared, and so soon we hope to be able to start to give you a better understanding of the important environmental work our consulting businesses have been undertaking. We’ll do this by updating our “case studies” page on the NGT website. A future blog update will let you know when this starts to happen.

As you know, NGT only has a small team of staff and we all work together very closely, but for the most part Nick Whiterod is the lead ecologist responsible for delivering our Aquasave (aquatic ecology) contract work, and Cath Dickson has been the lead ecologist responsible for co-ordinating much of our NGT Consulting (general ecology) project work. If you want to get in touch with Cath or Nick, you can find their email addresses on our staff page.

Mark Bachmann