Are you looking for a last-minute Christmas gift idea? Then look no further than the award winning Walker Swamp!

It is that time of year where we’ve all had our thinking caps on for Christmas gift ideas… but sometimes (if you are anything like me) we come up short!

In my case, the kids are always a lot easier (and of course they have no shortage of suggestions!), but what about our adult friends and family who don’t really ‘need’ anything, and when you don’t want to simply opt for more material ‘stuff’?

Well… NGT is experimenting this year with making ‘last-minute’ Christmas gift certificates available, to see if we can help you out of a spot, and at the same time try to clear away the very last of the land purchase debt on our award winning Walker Swamp project. You will be pleased to know that at the time of writing we have just under $3,500 (of our original $150,000 target) left to go, so we are very close! (see the live tally at the bottom on this message)

The idea is that if you make a donation to NGT before Christmas, then you will be issued a nice looking gift certificate with your name, and the name of the recipient, to recognise the contribution to the project that was made in their honour – see the example below.


The amount of your donation is entirely optional and can be kept confidential or shared with your recipient.

You also have the choice of both the name of the donor, and/or the recipient, being featured on our permanent signage (to recognise all supporters) that will be installed at the Walker Swamp bird observation tower at the conclusion of the fundraiser. With your help hopefully that will be soon!

If you decide to make a donation, then please also send me an email to confirm the details required for your certificate, which will be emailed to you ASAP. We can continue to issue these certificates up until and including Christmas Eve.

Finally, please bear in mind that other gift certificates can also be issued by NGT at any time, upon request, for any project you may wish to support, and to recognise any special occasion for your family or friends.

As always, thanks for your ongoing support of the ecological restoration work of NGT!

Ps. The live tally is …



The birds are certainly enjoying Walker Swamp at the moment, and emergent wetland plants are now reappearing… this was the view on Thursday the 19th December 2019. Photo by Mark Bachmann

Mark Bachmann