Back to where the story of NGT’s Reserves began – Reflecting on a great day out at Eaglehawk Waterhole!

It was way back almost nine years ago when Eaglehawk Waterhole was purchased, becoming NGT’s first Restoration Reserve. For a little trip back through the blog archives, here is the story of the announcement, which we shared in December 2013 just a month before NGT’s 2nd birthday. Needless to say, now that we care for eight reserves in addition to all of the other work we do across the landscape, NGT has come a long way over the years since!

Given this history, it was fantastic to be able to spend Saturday 18th June on the property with a group of approximately 25 NGT staff and supporters as part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations. A cuppa around the fire was followed by a morning planting session, as well as a walk before lunch.

Gathering around the campfire for lunch at Eaglehawk Waterhole on 18th June 2022. Photo: Mark Bachmann.

For the afternoon, we went for a driving tour of the reserve and formally opened the Stage 2 land purchase, which (as we announced last month) expands the reserve by a further 200 hectares. Watch the official ceremony below, as Rosemary (a long term volunteer at the site) and Bryan Haywood (NGT senior ecologist and reserve manager) cut through the fence to finally join Stage 1 and Stage 2 together!

For some reflections on the day, please have a listen to my recent radio interview with ABC South East.

Mark Bachmann