Bringing the concept of “Connections in Nature” to life in our schools

As part of ForestrySA’s schools program I recently visited Glenburnie Primary School to talk to the Years 4-7 students about Connections in Nature. We began the session by brainstorming our favourite outdoor places and then our favourite animals. The students enthusiastically participated in the discussion about how different animals were connected to one another (via food-webs) and to places (habitat, ecosystems). After illustrating how everything is connected in nature, and how humans are part of nature, we then discussed how our actions have either a positive or negative effect on the world we live in.

The whiteboard quickly became a tangle of messy connections!

The whiteboard quickly became a tangle of messy connections!

We finished by thinking up some ways we can have a positive impact on our world, and discussed the ForestrySA Biodiversity Corridors program which has been creating positive change in our region for many years. Students from three schools, including Glenburnie, will be involved in plantings this winter as part of this program.

After the session the students were able to ask questions, and touch and feel pieces from my Nature Box – a collections of bits and bobs I have gathered over time including a preserved legless lizard, an owl pellet, beetles, some spikey bark, interesting twigs, shells, and skins.


Now that winter is here the schools will be focussed on getting their seedlings ready for planting this June and July.


Rose Thompson