Calling all coastal volunteers! Your chance to help with phase 3 of the Long Swamp restoration trial at Nobles Rocks

After a busy few weeks of behind the scenes preparations, the third phase of the restoration trial at Nobles Rocks, to improve the hydrology of Long Swamp, is now getting underway… and there are going to be a lot of bags to fill, so we could really use your help!

The base of the third phase restoration trial structure, ready for sandbagging!

Because of the size of the task, the initial plan is to do the work over 3 days after Easter (with rest days in between), although the final time commitment will be subject to how the job proceeds – meaning that it may take a little more or less time in the end.

We’ll be putting on a free BBQ and cool drinks for lunch each day of the sandbagging; so why not get your spade out, come along and be part of this historic event for the local community? You can register for any (or all) of the three dates planned at this stage, which are:

  1. Thursday, 9th April 2015
  2. Sunday, 12th April 2015
  3. Thursday, 16th April 2015

To register, which will enable us to send you more detailed instructions for the day (and to help us plan catering requirements), please leave a message with NGT’s Jess Bourchier on 0438 671 356 or by email.

So what are you waiting for? Come along and be part of the action!


Mark Bachmann