Catching up with Habitat 141 Zone 2 partners in Natimuk

Catching up with Habitat 141 Zone 2 partners in Natimuk

For those that haven’t heard of it, “Habitat 141” is the name given to a BIG concept that is about restoring and connecting habitats in the landscape either side of the 141st line of longitude (that is the line that was meant to be the state border between SA and Victoria, but imprecise technology at the time meant that the surveyors got it just a little bit off!)

Habitat 141 map

Last week I went along to (what everyone is hoping will continue to be) an annual gathering of people and groups actively working to restore and manage habitats in Zone 2 – an area of Habitat 141 that extends from the Wimmera, across the border and into adjacent areas of the South East of SA.

Zones of Habitat 141

The discussion last week ended up being a lot about improving communication and how we can most effectively work together in Zone 2.

I might add that some of the work that has already happened or is underway in Zone 2 is pretty impressive too! For example, after the discussion, we went for a drive to the Greening Australia¬†Nurcoung Property, near Mt Arapiles in the Wimmera – to see how 2009 revegetation works to restore the property are coming along. As you’ll see below, the results have been very impressive.

Visiting the Nurcoung Greening Australia property with participants in the Habitat 141 Zone 2 meeting in Natimuk

With NGT now looking to restore Eaglehawk Waterhole near Bangham, the Kowree Farm Tree Group managing the Bankmecu restoration properties at Minimay¬†and Greening Australia’s activities a little further east at Nurcoung – we have a lot in common. Thanks to everyone for a great discussion and sharing positive ideas that should give Zone 2 a boost. I look forward to catching up again next year…


Mark Bachmann