Coming soon… An exciting new NGT initiative is just around the corner!

Keep an eye out for the NGT Newsletter in April or May, when you will hear all about our latest restoration initiative and your chance to be part of creating NGT’s 8th Restoration Reserve. This exciting new project is our soon to be announced ‘end of financial year’ fundraiser in 2021.

The project will enable us to take our first small step in a new direction for NGT’s interest in ecological processes and experimental restoration science. It will also feature a topic close to my heart – the recovery of threatened small mammals of temperate south-eastern Australia. To read more about our forgotten fauna, please follow this link to see past stories that will give you a sense of why this is such an important issue.

If you are one of the many wonderful people who donated to NGT’s next land purchase after reading the Walker Swamp story last month, thank you! Because of your generosity and support, this new land purchase fundraiser already has a head start.

If you would also like to get on board and help us create some early momentum for this latest exciting project, before hearing all the finer details, then please consider making a donation today!

Threatened mammal species, like the Southern Brown Bandicoot and Long-nosed Potoroo, and the long-extinct Eastern Quoll, will be part of the long-term focus for NGT’s newest restoration initiative.
Mark Bachmann