Cultivating sustainable futures through mentoring

Investigator College, located in the South Australian coastal town of Victor Harbor, recently held it’s second annual Sustainable Futures Day The student-led event aims to provide students with inspiration, networking and practical experience in the environmental, land-care and agricultural sectors. Students representing eight South Australian private schools were joined by industry experts and sustainability and conservation leaders at the school’s Currency Creek EcoCentre. This event provided a unique opportunity for students to explore post-school pathways which championed existing passions for the environment, land care, ecology, conservation and sustainability.

Amongst other mentors, Nature Glenelg Trust’s Dr Sylvia Zukowski provided mentorship for conservation and ecology futures. The students had the opportunity to be involved in hands-on conservation of native fish species, including fish surveys on the day. The day was a great success and mentors gave the students valuable insights into how to turn their passion for nature into future environmental careers.

Sylvia Zukowski