As you might have guessed from its name, Long Swamp is a long, narrow wetland system that is situated literally in the far south-western corner of Victoria, near the township of Nelson.

Long Swamp extends for over 15km, from the Glenelg River estuary, south-eastwards to Lake Mombeong and is bounded by coastal dunes to the south and higher undulating ground to the north. This wetland is one of the key environmental features conserved within Discovery Bay Coastal Park, is listed on the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia, and forms part of one of the Australian Government’s identified High Ecological Value Aquatic Ecosystem (HEVAE) sites across the country.

Like many wetlands across southern Australia, the hydrology of Long Swamp has been altered (through a range of factors) since European settlement, and there has been growing concern within the local community about the current trends of change within the wetland system.

After the launch of Nature Glenelg Trust in January 2012, we began working in partnership with the local community and the agencies responsible for the management of Long Swamp, to:

  • help better understand the current values of the system,
  • document the historic and current trajectory of change, and
  • articulate future management options that are based around a sound set of principles that are guided by the scientific work undertaken.

The findings of the baseline Long Swamp Fish and Frog Study, commissioned by the Glenelg Hopkins CMA and undertaken by Nature Glenelg Trust in 2012, can be downloaded here: Long Swamp Fish and Frog Survey 2012.

As a result of the this work and other previous studies, Nature Glenelg Trust has been awarded grant funding by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI), to undertake a hydrological restoration trial at the Nobles Rocks outlet from Long Swamp, through the installation of temporary sandbag weir structures in 2014/15.

This project has been made possible by the generous support of the Nelson Coastcare Group, Parks Victoria, DEPI, the Glenelg Hopkins CMA and a wide range of other people in the local cross-border community.

Please check the blogs below for the latest updates on the project, as well as a large amount of additional background information.

  • A month to go! Latest news on the Walker Swamp land addition fundraiser 29/05/2023
    Time is flying by, and it has now been four weeks since we shared the exciting news about the potential to expand NGT’s Walker Swamp Restoration Reserve. But before we get to the numbers, let’s pause for a moment to take in the view! The image below was taken just a few days ago, giving you ...
  • It’s official… we’ve expanded NGT’s Mt Burr Swamp Restoration Reserve! 29/05/2023
    If you cast your mind way back to 2016, NGT launched our first major public land purchase fundraiser, as we worked together with our partners and supporters to create the Mt Burr Swamp Restoration Reserve in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia. The original purchase (shown below) was made possible due to NGT’s partnerships ...
  • NGT’s Wetland Restoration Program on private land is back! 29/05/2023
    Are you a private landholder interested in helping to rehydrate the Australian landscape? If so, and you have a drained, privately owned wetland that might benefit from reinstatement of its natural water level – then please read on… Nature Glenelg Trust’s Wetland Restoration Program on private land is back, and we are here to help ...
  • Reflecting on 11 years of NGT’s work to restore wetlands 29/05/2023
    As you may have read in this article, NGT is kicking-off an exciting new phase of wetland restoration action where we will be able to continue our work with farmers, foresters, Traditional Owners and any other landholders across the rural landscape who now find themselves as custodians of previously drained or modified wetlands in need ...
  • After 40 years, Murray Crayfish have returned to South Australia! 29/05/2023
    For the first time in 40 years, Murray Crayfish have been released into SA waters! The Murray Crayfish is the second largest freshwater crayfish in the world and can weigh up to 2 kilograms, but has been lost from the southern extent of the Murray River due to over-fishing and environmental degradation. Following the recent ...
  • Another leap forward for the South West Eastern Quoll Hub, with the completion of the Mt Sturgeon safe haven fence 29/05/2023
    Members of the South West Eastern Quoll Hub gathered at Mt Sturgeon Station. Photo: Mark Bachmann On Tuesday 23rd May 2023, members of the South West Eastern Quoll Hub got together for another catch-up, this time at the Dunkeld Pastoral Co.’s Mt Sturgeon Station property, near Dunkeld. As well as the chance to catch up and compare ...
  • Tasmanian Field Day review: showcasing wetland and saltmarsh restoration at The Grange and Long Point 29/05/2023
    On a perfect, sunny autumn day Tasmania’s east coast on Thursday 11th May 2023, NGT, in partnership with NRM South and the Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC), hosted a field day at Long Point and The Grange properties, which border the Moulting Lagoon Ramsar site. The event provided an opportunity for those who attended the previous ...
  • The Rowan Swamp Restoration Trial features in the 2023 Wetlands Australia e-magazine 29/05/2023
    The vegetation response in a restored Rowan Swamp. Photo: Mark Bachmann The last few months has been a bit hectic, so we hadn’t yet managed to share a story from the 2023 edition of Wetlands Australia e-Magazine, published by the Australian Government, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water. You can browse the latest ...
  • Good food, wonderful people and sharing great results! Recapping the Fleurieu Swamps Field Day in SA 29/05/2023
    Mark Bachmann presenting to the gathering at Mount Compass. Photo: Tessa Roberts On Saturday the 20th of May, we gathered with a group of swamp people… no not the scary kind! Wonderful people keen to learn more about the restoration of one of our critically endangered wetland ecosystems, Fleurieu Peninsula Swamps. The aim was to showcase ...
  • Looking for short term work in Mt Gambier this winter? We are hiring casual field crew! 29/05/2023
    These positions are based out of our Mt Gambier (SA) office, and provide additional capacity to our existing field crew team. We are looking for 1-2 people to work over our busy winter field work season. The field crew undertake a range of on-ground works tasks including weed control, tree planting, fencing and seed collecting – ...

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