Dwarf Galaxias report released

Dwarf Galaxias report released

Thanks to the generous support of a research grant from the Nature Foundation SA Inc, NGT has completed a review of the distribution of the Dwarf Galaxias in the South East NRM region. If you are keen to learn more, you can download the brief summary report here.

This tiny freshwater fish is nationally threatened, and the South East region makes up the important western-most mainland portion of the species’ range. As a result, this review provides critical information for contributing towards efforts to protect, manage and restore aquatic habitats for the species.

This small grant-funded project is officially completed; however, based on some really helpful feedback received so far, we’re planning to voluntarily visit a handful of further sites (minor gaps in our survey coverage) in Spring 2014 to complete the picture. We’ll keep you informed…

Dwarf Galaxias (Photo: Michael Hammer)


Mark Bachmann