Eaglehawk Waterhole revegetation begins!

Eaglehawk Waterhole revegetation begins!

It has been a busy week for Natural Resources South East’s Landscape Links and NGT’s Community Nursery projects at our Eaglehawk Waterhole property!  Cassie Hlava, the Bushland Restoration Project Officer for the Landscape Links Project, is undertaking over 30 hectares of restoration and revegetation on Eaglehawk Waterhole and this week worked with contractors to plant over 6000 seedlings.  Cassie has been focusing on the most ‘degraded’ section of the property in the north west corner, alongside the Bangham – Frances Road.  The hard work of the Landscape Links Project is visible from the road, with a sea of tree guards stretching towards the remnant vegetation.

Cassie Hlava (Natural Resources South East) planting at Eaglehawk Waterhole as part of the Landscape Links project

The project at Eaglehawk Waterhole is focusing on restoring Stringybark Woodland and Blue Gum Grassy Woodlands, and is working hard to ensure that a high level of diversity is included in the plantings.  Species planted have included grasses, groundcovers, daisies, climbers, shrubs and trees.

On Tuesday five NGT staff travelled to Eaglehawk with over 800 plants from 13 different hard to collect or grow species, grown by the NGT Cross-border Community Nursery Project.  Together NGT staff and Cassie planted the species in their niche habitats, including Grey Box Grassy Woodlands and lowland soaks in the Blue Gum Grassy Woodland.  The plants from the Community Nursery further increased the diversity of small daisies, herbs, sedges and threatened species planted at the site – a rewarding experience for the staff who have worked with these plants from seed!

The site was a delight to work in, supplementing plants in an area that already has a comparatively high amount of remnant native species and low weed levels.  The NGT and Natural Resources South East crew were rewarded on Tuesday with cryptic threatened flora identified and a large flock of Red-tail Black-Cockatoos flying through to inspect the hard work!  Thanks to Cassie and the Landscape Links project (NRSE) for funding and undertaking a fantastic revegetation/restoration project – we look forward to seeing it develop over the coming years and decades.

Jonathon making guards ready for the plants

Cath with Vittadinnia ready for planting at Eaglehawk Waterhole

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Cath Dickson