Eared Worm Lizard News – Things have heated up!

Eared Worm Lizard News – Things have heated up!

By Alix Baltais

As we predicted, with the warmer weather our success with detecting reptiles has increased. Recent surveys have brought out many more of our opportunistically recorded species which is very exciting (refer to previous blog for list).

Most exciting however is that a recent check of the tiles revealed three more Aprasias who we haven’t met before, with two of them being females!!! One of the girls that we caught also seemed to have eggs developing; we are just waiting on confirmation from our museum correspondent (thanks Mark H!) –  so fingers crossed…

One of our girls

We have also recaptured Kenneth and Thomas who appear to be housemates, as we have seen them under the same tile three times now.


The Aprasias also appear to be shedding – having found a few skins under our tiles – which hopefully means there are many more to be caught given their potentially small ranges mean they may have a favourite tile to hang out under. We are hoping for some very productive survey rounds before Christmas.

Mark Bachmann