Encouraging start for Mt Gambier Rail Trail project

The Mt Gambier Rail Trail revegetation project has achieved an encouraging start (despite impacts of COVID-19) with Year One plantings, late spring watering and weed control/maintenance completed. By next spring we should begin to see some of the colours, shapes and textures of the diverse native flora planted this year by students and volunteers (refer to previous posts here), helping to bring the Mt Gambier Rail Trail to life. Over 90% survival rate has been achieved to date, which is a fantastic result. Year Two is well underway with plans afoot for the location and sowing is now complete to propagate the 35+ species including regionally common and threatened flora for planting in 2021. A huge thankyou to our community members for assisting with watering in November to ensure the seedlings will get through the hotter than normal weather conditions.

A few of the flora planted along the trail in 2020 are shown below. These examples are displaying the flower colours and shapes you will eventually see along the trail in years to come.

Purple Flag (Patersonia occidentalis) a tussock with tough flat leaves
Myrtle Wattle (Acacia myrtifolia) a low shrub to 1m
Muntries (Kunzea pomifera) a very effective ground cover and good food source for insects and other animals

Jeff, John, Ryan and Sheryl watering in November.
Sharon, Roz, Greg and Bryan watering in November

This project is supported by the City of Mt Gambier Council, Limestone Coast Rail Trail Sub-committee and Tenison Woods College.

We look forward to reconnecting with everyone in 2021 to spend time at this evolving outdoor classroom!

Bryan Haywood