Exploring the ‘blind spots’ in urban planning around Melbourne that are impacting wetlands and waterways

It’s time to revisit an issue we’ve been talking about for a few years through the NGT newsletter – the challenges for wetlands in Melbourne’s urban growth zones.

Ahead of the release next month of a third NGT Discussion Paper about the wallan wallan wetlands (and specifically burrung buluk / Hanna Swamp), we’re sharing a video of a presentation I gave recently that was part of Melbourne University’s School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences seminar series.

The seminar took place on the 27th April 2022, and the following overview gives you a sense of the content:


The challenge of turning wetland restoration science into practice in Melbourne’s urban growth zone.


Nature Glenelg Trust (NGT) is a regionally based not-for-profit charitable environmental organisation that uses sound science to drive on-ground ecological restoration programs. Over the past 10 years, NGT has restored more than 50 wetlands across all land tenures in south-eastern Australia. In this highly visual presentation, you will learn about how NGT tackles these projects and then dive into the challenge of how to overcome the barriers to adopting these solutions for modified wetlands and waterways in Melbourne’s urban growth zone.

If you are keen to learn more, the full seminar presentation can be viewed below in YouTube.

Mark Bachmann