Farewell to Andy, our longstanding caretaker of Eaglehawk Waterhole

For over three years Andy Lines has been our amazing on-site caretaker at Eaglehawk Waterhole. He has systematically pulled and sprayed Salvation Jane over the entire property, fumigated extensive areas of rabbit warrens, mapped wetland boundaries with GPS, pulled down old fences, collected insects, recorded new species to the property (including Fiery Jewel Butterflies and a Sand Goanna), and kept a keen eye on rainfall and weather.

Andy recorded a hefty diary of day to day activities, including dusk roll calls and night noises as he camped out with the Red-tailed Black Cockatoos beneath the Blue Gum canopy. The diary and Andy’s photos are extremely valuable records and integral to our property data collection and grant reporting.

In our 20 Million Trees project, Andy kept up the regular Salvation Jane and warren fumigation work all summer, and Ken and the crew controlled Skeleton Weed in January.


Direct seeding being carried out by Eucaleuca in the north of the property

A few stringybark seedlings have germinated in last year’s direct seeding and we wait patiently to see how second year emergence goes. Seed collecting and cleaning have continued on the property, and back at the NGT nursery and seed bank (good stuff Ryan, Rose and crew). Our 2018 seedlings needed hand watering during the string of very hot days recently, which was carried out by Andy and Sheryl. Despite the dry conditions, survival is really good and many tree guards were able to be removed from 2016-17 plantings.

Sources report two new Wedge-tailed Eagle nests, breeding White-fronted Honeyeaters, and regular sightings of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos. The dusk roll call is still consistent, with calls from Sugar Gliders, Owlet Nightjars, Mopokes, Frogmouths and Diamond Firetails regularly heard by Andy.

On behalf of everyone here at NGT, I’d like to give a huge thank you to Andy! We have been extremely fortunate that he has cared for the land so well. Andy has relocated within South Australia, so we look forward to his visits in the future to help out on projects in the district. All the best for the future Andy.

Eaglehawk Waterhole is a special place. If you are interested in staying for a short or longer period please get in touch via email. However long you might stay, it is definitely the experience of a life-time.

Germinating stringybark seedlings (Photo: A. Lines)

Bryan Haywood