Feedback wanted for the Community Nursery Project

Feedback wanted for the Community Nursery Project

Hi everyone

I’ve been busy in the background getting the Growing our Future: Cross-border Community Nursery & Seed Collections Project underway, and now here’s your chance to have input into what comes next!

I have put together an information sheet, which not only gives you an overview of the project, but most importantly gives anyone out there with an interest in revegetation in the South East of SA and in South West Victoria – that’s growers of local native plants, seed collectors, direct seeders, project managers, local enthusiasts, groups and individuals with an interest in revegetation, (anyone really!) – an opportunity to help shape how the project will look.

Cleaning Seed

Remember the project focuses particularly on local indigenous plants that are:

  • difficult to source and/or grow,
  • uneconomical and therefore are not grown or available commercially,
  • required for specialised projects, such as rare or threatened species and wetland plants.

However our first priority is supporting our growers and collectors that are already doing a great job in the region. With this in mind, we’d like to find out about all the great things going on out there, where the gaps are and work together to find practical solutions to challenges (we’re not into reinventing wheels….).

So why not get involved and tell us about what’s being done well, what’s missing, learning opportunities you’d like to see happen and how the project can be useful to you.

Check out the information sheet for all the details. Any feedback can be sent to me (Becky McCann), and it would be appreciated by the close of business Friday 2 November.

Thanks everyone!


Nursery Information Sheet Preview

Becky McCann