First Grants Awarded to NGT

First Grants Awarded to NGT

Last Thursday I was delighted to receive an email from Nature Foundation SA (a very active environmental NGO in South Australia – see, informing me that Nature Glenelg Trust (NGT) has been awarded grant funding for 2 projects to occur next financial year in the South East of South Australia.

The projects will see NGT work in partnership with a range of other organisations and interested community members to help improve our understanding of two important species – the Dwarf Galaxias (a small freshwater fish species from wetlands) and the Eared Worm-lizard (a rare legless lizard discovered a few years ago for the first time in SA near Millicent in woodland habitat).

Keep an eye on our website over the coming months for updates on this work!

Dwarf Galaxias (image courtesy of Michael Hammer)

Eared Worm-lizard (image courtesy of Bryan Haywood)

Mark Bachmann