Fleurieu Swamps update: Keeping the conversation going in the Tookayerta Catchment

After a great community session in December to kick-start this project, NGT’s Lachlan Farrington will be hoping to catch up face-to-face with anyone who has an interest in the Tookayerta Catchment over the next few weeks, to keep the conversation going as we continue to gather information about this important area.

We’re particularly interested to meet with landholders to make sure we capture your ideas, but are also now looking to speak in more detail with the wide range of people who have the technical expertise that will help ensure that everyone has confidence in the results of the Tookayerta Catchment Assessment. Experts from the Conservation Council SA, Goolwa to Wellington LAP, University of Adelaide, DEWNR and special interest groups (to name a few) are among those people we’re looking to speak with about the technical aspects of the catchment over the weeks ahead.

A further two discussion sessions will also be held in late March (more details to come in a future blog), to provide both the community and technical experts with another chance to share and discuss their ideas in a group forum – and enabling us to include this information as we begin the task of pulling together the final project report.

If you own land in the Tookayerta Catchment, or have technical expertise that will help us evaluate the options for how we might better manage remnant Fleurieu Swamps in this area in the future, we’d love to hear from you so we can arrange to catch up for a cuppa and a chat, and maybe even go for a quick drive around the catchment…

If we haven’t already been in touch with you, to arrange to meet, please get in touch with NGT’s Lachlan Farrington on 0401 208 717, or .

This project is supported by Natural Resources, SA MDB.

Hesperilla CP - home to an important Fleurieu Swamp in the Tookayerta Catchment

Hesperilla CP – home to an important Fleurieu Swamp in the Tookayerta Catchment

Mark Bachmann