Following the call back to White Sands

Following the call back to White Sands

After our visit with ANGFA a few weeks ago, Lachlan and I hiked back into White Sands yesterday to collect some recorders we had placed out there during our last visit, to see what different species of frogs have been calling at the site. The digital recorders were set to record 3 times a day, and Lachlan will now check through the recordings to see what species are present at the site. The recorders have now been shifted to other sites that were previously surveyed for fish by Nick. The results will then be collated for a report we are preparing for the Glenelg Hopkins CMA to summarise the fish and frog survey work undertaken this year in Long Swamp.

It was interesting to note that the Nobles Rocks outlet ceased to flow to the ocean sometime since our last visit on the 3rd of November, and also to see how rapidly water levels are now receding at White Sands with the warmer weather and lack of spring rainfall. You can see this process occurring by comparing the images below – please click on them to enlarge.


Long Swamp at White Sands in July 2012


Long Swamp at White Sands in November 2012

Mark Bachmann