From seed cleaning to trap making, Mt Gambier volunteers have been busy

To keep cool in the hot late-February weather, a dedicated group of volunteers have been working hard under the air-conditioner in our Mt Gambier Community Nursery, sorting through our mountain of seed.

Regular volunteers Carole and Samuel with the seed mountain

Over December and January, many seeds ripen and are collected by our staff and volunteers from a variety of sites. The seed then needs to be cleaned and sorted ready for either propagation or storing in our seed bank, for the next revegetation project. Under the guidance of our Nursery Coordinator Angela, the volunteers have been sorting seed from a variety of Lomandra (mat-rush), Acacia (wattle) and grass species over a cuppa and a chat.

And as a change of scenery, a couple of our regular volunteers also enjoyed drilling and gluing traps for our upcoming fauna surveys. This was a huge help to our works crew, who needed to put together 160 pitfall traps ready for fieldwork beginning in April. A huge thank you to Helen and Suzy, and Community Nursery Coordinator Angela for their help.

If you would like to get involved with NGT in any of our locations, please contact Jess at We’d love to have your help! And of course, we owe a huge thank you to all of our volunteers for their amazing work! Thanks team!

Jess Bourchier