“From the Ground Up” Article on NGT Cross-border Projects

“From the Ground Up” Article on NGT Cross-border Projects

For those that don’t know, “From the Ground Up” (FTGU) is a great little publication that goes into all South East regional post boxes four times a year. Cathy Ashby, who is based in the Natural Resources Centre in Mount Gambier, has been doing a great job of putting this publication together for several years now.  Given that is has just made it to Issue 53, by my reckoning that makes this about Year 14 for FTGU… more of a concern however is the fact that I think I can remember when the first edition came out all those years ago – how time flies!

The most recent edition (and many previous editions) can be viewed in full at the South East Natural Resources Management Board website, via this link.

NGT has an article on page 5 of the new edition, about our new cross-border projects, which you can also read below. Enjoy!

NGT Article – From the Ground Up – Issue 53, Page 5

Mark Bachmann