Grampians Platypus sighting gains lots of interest

Grampians Platypus sighting gains lots of interest

After the recent post about a Platypus sighting, we received some fantastic feedback from our newsletter subscribers.

Ryan Duffy from Parks Victoria said the sighting caused a bit of excitement in their Grampians office, because the only official records and recent sightings from within the National Park are on the MacKenzie River, in a separate catchment in the northern portion of the park.

Meanwhile, a couple of people said that they have seen a platypus in recent years in the Wannon River several kilometres downstream of Brady and Gooseneck Swamps, near Dunkeld.

It begs the question, how far and how quickly will a platypus move once flows return, given that most of the permanent pools in this section of the Wannon River dried up over what had been two very tough years prior to this winter?

If anyone has any other observations from the area, we’d love to hear from you!

By the way, with all the interest, I went back and uploaded the full video of the sighting in higher quality – which can be viewed above.


Mark Bachmann