Happenings at Eaglehawk Waterhole over recent weeks…

Happenings at Eaglehawk Waterhole over recent weeks…

In a busy few weeks out at Eaglehawk Waterhole, Jonathan and Lauren (both of NGT) have completed the initial mapping tasks, which will enable us to get started on the development of a property restoration plan over the months ahead.

Last week I also had the chance to head back out on-site to catch up first with Brenton Grear (DEWNR), followed by Andrew and Ros Bradey and Bill Wallace (Kowree Farm Tree Group) and Evan Roberts (RTBC Recovery Team) to seek their thoughts on the property and discuss some of the options we have for future management. Great conversation and a lot of very interesting ideas shared – so thanks everyone!

Then earlier this week, I caught up on-site again with Cassie Hlava (Natural Resources South East) – she has been busy collecting seed and planning stage one of the revegetation work that will commence on the property in 2014. We were also joined for a couple of hours by the┬áSouth East Public Lands and Biodiversity Advisory Committee – a really diverse and knowledgeable group who advise the South East NRM Board on regional biodiversity management. After looking at a range of different habitats, and viewing some of the significant natural regeneration that is already underway, our last stop was by a couple of the unusually large Southern Cypress Pines (Callitris preissii) we are lucky to have on the property.

Oh, and not a bad spot for a group photo either – to provide a scale of course!

The South East Public Lands & Biodiversity Advisory Committee – visit to Eaglehawk Waterhole


Mark Bachmann