Having the right tool for the job. Can you help us find a small second-hand tractor?

An oldie, but its time for an updated model. Adobe stock photo.

There is an old saying, you need the right tool for the job and this is so true. At NGT we are lucky enough to have great neighbours and volunteers who have been willing to lend us heavy duty equipment to complete a lot of our important work on our restoration reserves, for which we are very grateful.

With the growth of NGT and our reserve network, we are thinking about how to manage these areas most effectively and considering the purchase of a modestly priced tractor and float trailer. The tractor would be used in ongoing weed control efforts as well as maintenance of access tracks and volunteer camping areas by slashing.

We are looking for a tractor similar to this one pictured.

If you know or hear of something that might be suitable in our area, please get in contact and let me know !

Tom Sheehan