High hopes for tadpoles, as Southern Bell Frogs ready to mingle in their new outdoor home

Our Southern Bell Frog (aka Growling Grass Frog) breeding facility in Clayton Bay has reached another important milestone recently. Since it’s inception in 2019 (with just 20 tadpoles) the facility has aimed to support the conservation of this nationally endangered frog species, by breeding them to release at strategic locations around the Lower Lakes, South Australia. 

The only trouble is the frogs have been reluctant to breed in their indoor home.

Frogs are cold-blooded (technically ‘poikilotherms’), so naturally over winter, the frogs’ metabolism slows right down. This process is called brumation and it is important for their fitness and for breeding cycles. So, in the breeding facility, we stop heating the tanks and reduce food during the winter.

This year the frogs are in for a treat… After recently coming out of hibernation, the adult frogs will now be fattened up for breeding with a feast of insects, over the coming months. But the exciting news is these adult frogs will soon be able to explore their brand new outdoor enclosures, to enjoy some sunshine and hopefully get them in the mood.

Fingers-crossed for some Southern Bell Frog eggs and tadpoles soon!

Sylvia Zukowski