Historical insights into “Pricklyback” Glenelg Spiny Crayfish – we need your help!

Back in August, we announced the commencement of a new project which is placing the endangered Glenelg Spiny Crayfish under the spotlight. In addition to collecting important population estimates in the South East of SA, we are keen to hear from anyone in the community who may have historical information or personal recollections to share about the species, also known locally as pricklyback. Perhaps you remember seeing large numbers of crayfish in a certain area at one point in time, or even fished for crayfish prior to the fishing ban being introduced?

We have put together a short online survey and invite anyone who has information to share about Glenelg Spiny Crayfish in the South East to complete the form via this link (you can remain anonymous if you wish). Please share among your networks – valuable responses may come from current and former residents, visitors to the South East, divers and snorkellers, fishers, or farmers! Results of the survey will be summarised and made available on our website.

A new project is seeking community members’ recollections of Pricklyback, Glenelg Spiny Crayfish (Euastacus bispinosus). Photo: Cath Dickson.

This project is supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board’s Grassroots Grants program, and is funded by regional landscape and water levies.

Lauren Brown