Honan Scrub: our own “Garden of Eden”

“When God was creating Eden he secretly made another garden called Honan and he didn’t tell anyone about it and that’s what we’re discovering today”.

This is how Troy Horn, one of the creators of the new Honan walking trails, summed up the area. Honan Native Forest Reserve at Glencoe, just 16 kilometres from Mt Gambier, is a large reserve of over 1000 hectares containing the highest number of threatened plants in any reserve in South Australia! About 500 plant species have been recorded in the reserve, with about 140 of those rare or threatened, including the Honan Mint (Mentha atrolilacina) discovered and known only to occur here.

But whether you’re a native plant enthusiast or not, the new walking trails make the reserve more accessible to all walkers and cyclists, with several boardwalks installed to navigate wetter areas and frequent trail markers indicating the routes. Check out this video of part of the walk by ABC South East.

honan trail markers

You’ll always know you’re on the right track with these trail markers

Rose Thompson