How bat friendly is your property?

How bat friendly is your property?

Have you ever wondered how you could attract more eco-friendly insect controllers (bats!) to your property?  Or do more for some of our native wildlife?  Chances are your property already has many bat friendly features and more could be added through a few simple actions!  The Mount Pleasant Natural Resources Centre and Upper River Torrens Landcare Group put together a fantastic worksheet with the guidance of Terry Reardon (South Australian Museum) and Amelia Hurran (DEWNR).  We have slightly modified it for the South East Region and you can access it in PDF format for printing by clicking here.  Or if you have any questions, please contact me Cath Dickson on email or by phone (08 8797 8596).

How Bat Friendly is Your Property? – front and back cover

How Bat Friendly Is Your Property? center worksheet

Cath Dickson