Indigenous UniSA students visit Mt Burr Swamp

Mt Burr Wetland turned on all the seasons with sunshine, cold breezes and a shower of rain for students from UniSA this month. The students are studying Land Management as part of their Aboriginal Pathways Program, and visited with lecturer Barry Tarr. Led by Bryan Haywood from NGT, the group explored how the soil types differ across the site, and talked about how the area would have looked before it was cleared and drained.

The students shared stories of their connections to the local area, and Malcom our taxi driver had grown up nearby, so had a few gems as well. The wetland was thick with Water Ribbons (Triglochin procera), and flocks of Eastern Swamp Hen and many other waterbirds were foraging. A pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles attracted a lot of interest.

Bryan sampling soil with students from UniSA.

Students look at the native water plants that have grown back since water was restored to Mt Burr Swamp.

The students will visit at least three times, before preparing land management plans as part of their studies. We look forward to more visits, and hearing more of their knowledge and ideas.

Jodie Honan