Inspiring Conservation, People and Snot Otters: Nick’s Churchill Presentation in November

It seems a lifetime ago now, but over 66 days in 2019, I met with more than 50 experts across cities and towns in five countries (Costa Rica, USA, UK, Republic of Ireland and Sweden) as part of my Churchill Fellowship. My focus was ‘To develop world’s best practice for the conservation translocation of threatened Australian freshwater species’. Unfortunately, Covid-19 restrictions have limited my ability to share my findings and experiences – until now!

On the  14th November (doors open 10am) in Felixstow, SA, I will be giving a public presentation to share my experiences and how the lessons I learnt are benefiting the conservation of freshwater species in Australia. This event is open to all, but please RSVP by emailing event organisers here before November 12th – this is necessary due to  Covid-19 requirements.

You can see the full event details in the brochure below including when and where. If you can I encourage you to come and learn about conservation translocations of aquatic species or just some cool places around the world (which I would love to travel to again soon).


Nick Whiterod