Introducing Becci, our new Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Becci and I am the new volunteer coordinator for Nature Glenelg Trust. I started in February 2021 and I am still really excited about this new role, helping out to manage, promote and coordinate the volunteer events and being the contact person for all volunteers.

I am originally from Germany and came to Australia 2.5 years ago. Travelling was always one of my biggest passions. I left Germany in 2016 after finishing my degree in Agribusiness and fulfilled my dream of travelling for a few years in Asia, India, Indonesia, and Latin America. 

I love surfing and the ocean and after spending a lot of time in Nicaragua and Bali I decided to make my way to the coasts of Australia. I lived for a while in Manly, NSW, and then travelled to the Northern Territory where I met my partner. We spent 1.5 years in the NT before we moved to Nelson in October last year.

I’m really interested in the environment, sustainability, and particularly in wildlife and animal science. I’m passionate about animals and spent a lot of time volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary close to Litchfield National Park near Darwin in the Northern Territory. I also just started to volunteer with a wildlife sanctuary near Warrnambool and am working towards being a wildlife carer by undertaking a few wildlife courses.

I love animals! This dingo pup was raised by my zookeeper friend at home before transferring to the zoo

Volunteering with Nature Glenelg Trust gives me the great opportunity to learn and experience more about environmental science and explore the local flora and fauna, which is really different to the NT and to my home country. It also gives me a practical outlet for something I am passionate about it and it is a great contrast to my other job in hospitality.

I recommend to everyone who has some spare time and is interested in volunteering to get in contact with me or NGT to be part of one of our upcoming volunteer events and to do something great for the environment.

Volunteer Coordinator