Introducing Fieldwork Friday

Want to make a difference to the local environment, meet new people, learn more about the region, and de-stress in some beautiful places? Come along to Fieldwork Friday, our new fortnightly volunteer activity, where you will get a good overview of Nature Glenelg Trust projects, and practice a wide range of hands-on, environmental skills.

We generally meet at the NGT Mount Gambier office at 9.00am and head out from there, so everyone can travel together in an NGT vehicle. Depending on where we’re working and what we’re doing, we may work for a couple of hours or all day. You will need to bring water, lunch (if it’s a full day), boots/gumboots and weather-appropriate clothing. Everyone is welcome, but spaces are limited, so make sure to book your spot if you’re interested!

On our first Fieldwork Friday last week, Bryan headed out with Angus, who was doing work experience with NGT, to drill and fill pine trees at Mount Burr Swamp. The wild pines grow and spread quickly in the native bush areas and make it very difficult for native vegetation to grow around them, as they use a lot of water, make the soil acidic and block out sunlight. Drilling and filling is an effective weed control method for the larger pines that are too big to cut down.

Angus drilling a pine tree at Mount Burr Swamp

Our next two Fieldwork Fridays are:

  • 14th June: Seed collecting at Mount Burr Swamp
  • 28th June: Site restoration and planting at Long Swamp (Discovery Bay Coastal Park)

There’s always a chance that the plans may change due to external factors, including the weather. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website, as we’ll share updated information there. You don’t have to commit to every Fieldwork Friday – you choose which fortnights you would like to come along.

If you’re interested in joining us for Fieldwork Friday, please RSVP by the Thursday afternoon before Fieldwork Friday by emailing Kimberley, texting 0407 727 282 or calling the office on 08 8797 8596.


Volunteer Coordinator