Introducing NGT’s new Business Operations Manager, and getting ready for the final step to emerge from our 10 year review

Further to this update back in April, it is great to be able to introduce and welcome Carmen Bliss, our new Business Operations Manager and the final member of NGT’s new management team.

Carmen is based in Mount Gambier, but her administrative role covers the entire NGT workforce across its geographic breadth, ensuring that everyone who works for NGT has the resources and support they need to be able to efficiently get on with our important work.

Carmen has an extensive background in administration, project management, and business management. She is passionate about not-for-profit organisations, sustainability, the environment and has a love for our coastlines and diverse ecological systems. When not on the job for NGT, Carmen can be found out in the paddock tending to her horses with her daughter Anna and son Harry, or at local live music supporting her husband’s band.

Please make Carmen feel welcome when you speak with her or bump into her in the future at an NGT event.

I’d like to close by saying a very special thank you to the Ross Trust, who have provided NGT with a capacity building grant that is helping to underpin Carmen’s role over the next few years. It has only been a couple of months since Carmen started, but we are already starting to see the benefits of having her and this incredibly important role in our team.

The next and final phase of change we are embarking on to prepare NGT for the next 10 years and beyond is renewal of the membership of our Board. While we are not officially putting the call out just yet, if you or someone you know is interested in being considered for a role as a voluntary Director on the NGT Board, then you are welcome to send me an email () to express your future interest.

Nature Glenelg Trust gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Ross Trust

Mark Bachmann