Invitations coming soon for Walker Swamp community event on Sunday 29th September 2019

It is only a month until we get together again with our supporters out at Walker Swamp, and there is still time to join our invite list!

Waterbugs for the big and little kids at the 2018 event

This free event will include short walks to see changes in the places we looked at last year, plenty of time for questions and discussion with NGT ecologists, and the chance to mingle around the camp fire with like-minded people, while enjoying a cuppa and barbeque lunch out in the bush.

All financial supporters of the project will receive an email invitation very soon. We will ask you to book your place so we can arrange everything for the day, including catering.

Any donation over $2 (which is tax-deductible) is all that it takes … and we’d love to see you there.

We are getting close to clearing the land purchase funding shortfall, so wouldn’t it be amazing if we could eliminate it before the event?

and the live tally is …


And in case you are wondering, yes, the swamp is still filling as we speak … It is now sitting above the height of the interim trial structure (in place 2014-2018) after recently completed permanent restoration works reinstated the much higher original sill (fully supply level) of the wetland. So when you see the site next month, Walker Swamp will be holding more water than last year, and in fact at a retained level not seen for decades. We also have a lot of spare capacity to go higher, if we can just get a little more rain … Very exciting times!

The view you will get to enjoy from the new permanent bird observation tower. Walker Swamp is still fillingĀ  and will be full of aquatic life at our community event in September. (Photos: Mark Bachmann)

Mark Bachmann