Kurrawonga up close: recapping a great day of exploring the art of macro nature photography

NGT’s first Art in Science workshop took place recently at Kurrawonga, our conservation property in Nelson, Victoria.

Exploring Kurrawonga through the lens. Image by Ockert Le Roux.


A warm and sunny day provided perfect conditions to spend a day focusing on insects. Ockert le Roux and Eugene Coscarelli introduced us to macro-photography and provided us with some handy tips on how to shoot artistic images of insects before we had some time exploring the world of tiny creatures at Kurrawonga.

For the scientific part of the workshop after lunch Bryan Haywood and Andy Lines introduced us to the art of preserving and pinning of insects. Fascinated by the diversity of Bryan’s private collection and infected by Andy’s passion some of the participants gave the pinning a go and are now keen on starting their own collection.


Andy Lines demonstrating how to preserve insects. Image by Ockert Le Roux.

The first Art in Science workshop was a great day and it was wonderful to see how generously knowledge and experiences were exchanged amongst everyone involved.

We would like to thank everyone involved and all participants for spending their day with us at Kurrawonga exploring, appreciating and learning about our wonderful environment.

If you are interested in any NGT workshops or have some particular topics you are interested in feel free to send us an email.

You can find out more about the Kurrawonga property and the generous donation of the Moore family here.


Art in Science Gallery (click an image to enlarge and start slide-show)


Nicole Mojonnier