Latest edition of the Mulloway Tagging Newsletter now available

It’s been a very busy six months for the Mulloway Tagging Program. We’ve now recorded almost 50 recaptures! You can read all about the project’s top taggers and recent recaptures in the third edition of our Tagging Newsletter. I hope you enjoy the read.

Aron Colman was pretty pleased to catch this 91 cm Mulloway from the mouth of the Glenelg River. Caught on the second last day of 2018, it became his new Personal Best!

The project has also received some recent media attention, with articles appearing in the Portland Observer on Monday 4th March and in the Border Watch on Tuesday 12th February.

Newspaper article in The Border Watch on Wednesday 13th February.

Newspaper article in the Portland Observer on Monday 4th March. The photo was provided by Kobi Rothall- one of our Mulloway taggers.

Lauren Brown