Latest Mulloway Tagging Newsletter now available

The fourth edition of the Mulloway Tagging Newsletter is now available. Since the last edition in February 2019 we’ve seen an additional 198 fish tagged, bringing the total to just under 500. The majority of fish have been tagged from the Glenelg River (139 to be exact), but there were also quite a few Mulloway tagged from the Patterson River in April and May. We have also recorded a further 31 recaptures since February.

I hope you enjoy the read!

In media news, some of you might recall that one of the program’s taggers (Jamie Coates), headed out on the Glenelg River a month or so ago with the guys from Hook, Line and Sinker. In between laughs, they managed to get onto a couple of Mulloway and Jamie took the opportunity to send them back with a tag. A big thanks to Jamie for the plug!

You can watch the episode by clicking this link (the Glenelg venture starts around the 22 min mark).

At 120 cm, this is now the largest Mulloway to be tagged in the program. The fish was caught from the Patterson River by Reece Cliff in April this year.


Lauren Brown