Latham’s Snipe survey of wetlands in September

Latham’s Snipe survey of wetlands in September

Come out to help survey for the migratory Latham’s Snipe on September 17th in sites previously known for Snipe in the South East.

Notification of this survey has been prompted through The Latham’s Snipe Project (Dr Birgita Hansen) where it was started by a group of passionate ornithologists to better understand the ecology of the Latham’s snipe Gallinago hardwickii and their use of wetlands.

The focus has been on the Port Fairy area in south-western Victoria, but information from sites nearby to the west and east will contribute useful and possibly critical information to their studies.

Latham's Snipe seen at Fox Lake in summer 2015

Latham’s Snipe seen at Fox Lake in summer 2015

The South East region of SA contributes immensely to the conservation of this species as we have many sites where birds are observed regularly with over 200 observations of Latham’s snipe since 2001 in the BirdLife SE SA database. Most observations are of less than 3 birds at a time however the following sites are where birds have been reported in numbers ranging from 5, and up to as many as 50-150 birds.

  • Lake McIntyre (50+ birds in 2005)
  • Fox and Pub Lakes (150 birds in 2004)
  • Bool Lagoon
  • Mary Seymour
  • Big Heath
  • The Marshes
  • Mt Lyon
  • Killanoola
  • Maaope
  • Port MacDonnell

If you are interested and can help out and survey a site in the SE of SA to contribute to this cross-border survey, please get in touch with Dr Birgita Hansen or us at NGT.

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