Long Swamp fish and frogs talk in Nelson well attended

Long Swamp fish and frogs talk in Nelson well attended

Just before Christmas, Nick and I gave a talk to a packed Community Centre in Nelson (largely to members of the Nelson Coastcare Group) about the results of the fish and frog survey work undertaken in Long Swamp.

This work, funded by the Glenelg Hopkins CMA and supported by Parks Victoria has provided us with a great foundation for building our understanding of the aquatic values of this nationally recognised wetland system.

The overview of Nick’s fish survey results was reported in a previous blog and can be read here.

The sound recorders place throughout the system to help us survey for frogs were analysed by Lachlan, and came up with some interesting results. Five species of frog were recorded, with one of these being the nationally Vulnerable Growling Grass Frog (Litoria raniformis).

To give you an idea of the task Lachlan was faced with in listening to the recordings, here is the sample of the recording where the Growling Grass Frog was heard in the distance – can you pick them out?

Growling Grass Frog – Long Swamp

[Just in case you need some help picking them out – this is a clear recording of the Growling Grass Frog from another area to listen to as a guide: Growling Grass Frog Call]

Thanks to the Nelson community for again making us feel so welcome, and to Jarred Obst from the Glenelg Hopkins CMA for organising the evening.

The Nationally Vulnerable Growling Grass Frog

Mark Bachmann