Malleefowl on the map at the Lucindale Field Days

Malleefowl on the map at the Lucindale Field Days

Malleefowl banner

From Bryan Haywood:

The RUEC team and Vicki Natt (Malleefowl Project Officer) had some success at the Lucindale Field Days last weekend. Maps and banners were on display encouraging landholders to talk to us about Malleefowl and if and when they last saw them. Some new pins were placed on the maps in various parts of the region including north of Lucindale, Taratap, Ki Ki, Padthaway and Mt Scott. All information provided was invaluable and much appreciated.

Observations from landholders are critical to the long term success of conserving Malleefowl populations in the region and we are still very keen to hear from landholders that have had or still have Malleefowl on their properties. Please forward your information to any of the following contacts:

Bryan Haywood – Senior Ecologist, NGT
0427 001 853

PO Box 2177, Mt Gambier, SA, 5290

Vicki Natt – Malleefowl Project Officer, SE
0428 673 273
PO Box 67, Kingston SE, SA, 5275

Natural Resources South East
8735 1177
PO Box 1046, Mt Gambier SA, 5290

Jonathan Tuck