Meeting the Brolga Recovery Group near Skipton

Meeting the Brolga Recovery Group near Skipton

On Saturday I had an early start to attend the Brolga Recovery Group meeting at a property called Mooramong, near Skipton.

This part of western Victoria is a very interesting landscape. While it is predominantly cleared farming country that is grazed or cropped, the prevalence of volcanic rocky outcrops and wetlands dotted throughout the landscape still provides some fantastic areas of habitat for native species.

The group were treated to being given a tour of a couple of local farms, where the owners have re-instated the hydrology and/or removed grazing from some sites where Brolgas are known to breed.

It is a part of the region where there is a lot of scope to improve the condition of drained wetlands for Brolgas, meaning that some significant common ground exists between the interests of the Brolga Recovery Group and Nature Glenelg Trust.

Thanks to Bryan Haywood (an old work-mate from DENR from several years ago, now with ForestrySA) for giving me a ride to the meeting after what had been a busy week of driving for me, and for some stimulating conversation during the journey. By the way, on the way home we managed to get a great look at a flock of Gang Gangs.

The simple culvert structure, with regulating boards, incorporated into a causeway, that has been used to restore the hydrology of a previously drained Brolga site near Skipton

Gang Gangs we saw coming in to have a drink at dusk

Mark Bachmann