Millicent High students learn about their local Indigenous history

As part of ForestrySA’s biodiversity corridors schools program, a group of Millicent High students and I were joined by Elder Doug Nicholls for a cultural outing this week.

We visited two significant cultural sites: native wells and a rock shelter, both in the Mt Burr area. Doug spoke about the particular characteristics and importance of each site, and we learnt about the local six-season calendar.

Doug Nicholls Elder Native Wells

According to the calendar, the local Indigenous people traditionally moved inland to woodlands and higher ground near wetlands at this time of year – so it was fitting that we made our lunch stop at Mt Burr Swamp.

Doug also explained the relevant legislation and protective measures in place relating to Indigenous sites, and had some artefacts on hand to show us.

The rough weather held off for us and we enjoyed a fascinating day out. A big thank you to Doug for sharing his knowledge with us.


Rose Thompson