Monitoring the ongoing recovery of wetland habitat at White Sands

After all the talk about the restoration trial at Nobles Rocks over the last couple of years, we are probably long overdue for a quick visual reminder of the wetland that reformed behind the dunes at White Sands, after the artificial channel at this site to the ocean naturally closed during the drought about 10 years ago. Being situated about half way between Nobles Rocks and the Glenelg River estuary, this is an important reference area and (downstream, hydrologically connected) comparison site for the restoration trial underway at Nobles Rocks.

Consistent with the trend elsewhere in Long Swamp, water levels are now starting to recede given the lack of rainfall, warmer days and likely seasonal reduction of groundwater inflows. But with plenty of water still around, the timing is right for Lauren V to head out there and undertake the next installment of our regular monitoring of the native fish community – hopefully turning up important species that we’ve encountered here before such as Yarra pygmy perch and dwarf galaxias.

Stay tuned to find out how the next survey goes!

The spring 2015 appearance of the wetland habitat that has reformed over the past 10 years, inland of the former artificial outlet to the sea at White Sands. The centre of this panorama is facing north east. Photo: Mark Bachmann
Mark Bachmann