Mt Burr Swamp – Reviewing the ABC South East radio coverage so far…

Mt Burr Swamp – Reviewing the ABC South East radio coverage so far…

Thanks to our friends at ABC South East Radio, the Mt Burr Swamp project has been receiving some fantastic attention over the airwaves.

For more information, have a listen to one of the segments below!

  • In the first session, I spoke to mornings presenter Selina Green to introduce the project and gave an overview of the journey that lies ahead.

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  • Next up we were joined by Matt Herring from the Bitterns in Rice Project, to talk about Australasian Bitterns, revisiting the story of Robbie, and the crucial role that wetland restoration plays in the conservation of the threatened ‘bunyip bird’.

Australasian Bittern, Sub-Adult, Johnsons Swamp_31-08-15


  • In the third session, SA Museum bat expert Terry Reardon joined us to talk about the nationally endangered southern bent-wing bat, our region’s only cave-dwelling bat species. These critters rely heavily on wetlands across the region for providing feeding habitat, as they capitalise on the abundance of insect life that is concentrated at these sites.

Bentwing Bat 5


We still have a few more weeks of this series to go, so stay tuned each Wednesday morning at 9:30 (SA time) on ABC South East as we explore what the restoration of Mt Burr Swamp will mean for our region’s threatened wildlife.

For further information – visit the project page here.

Mark Bachmann