Native Butterfly Workshop in Warrnambool a great success

Native Butterfly Workshop in Warrnambool a great success

We recently took our popular native butterfly workshop to South West Victoria, sharing a space with the Australian Plant Society at Warrnambool’s Sustainable Living Festival on Saturday 20th February.

The presentation took place at Swan Reserve, after Kevin Sparrow took the group on a guided walk around the reserve’s garden beds. The native plant gardens were originally established in the 1970s, but were rundown and neglected for some time before the Friends of Swan Reserve took over their care in about 2010. The Friends group has completely revamped the area with the support of the council, by updating and expanding the native gardens and incorporating interpretive signage.

Approximately 20 people gathered in the sunshine to hear Bryan and Rose present. Attendees learnt about the vast diversity of butterflies in our region, some of the plants critical for their life cycles, and the essential elements required to create a native garden capable of attracting butterflies.

If you’d like to learn more, you can contact Rose by email.

The crowd gathered to hear about all butterflies and native plants


Rose Thompson