New Greenhouse at the NGT Community Nursery

New Greenhouse at the NGT Community Nursery

Thanks to the very skilled assistance of Dan (the man) Anderson and our very talented volunteer, Jonathan Tuck, we had the new Greenhouse erected in about four days. This was a pretty good effort considering we were beset with turbulent weather for most of the construction process.

During the early stage of construction, 90km/hr winds compelled me use all the strength and determination I could muster to stop the north facing wall of the Greenhouse flying off to Port MacDonnell or beyond!

I am pleased to report that the finished Greenhouse hasn’t even looked like going anywhere. Thanks to Dan and Jonathan, your help was very much appreciated.

The erection of the Greenhouse is another important step towards achieving full functionality of the new community nursery site.

Dan & Jonanthan laying out foundations for the Greenhouse

The completed Greenhouse (in calmer weather!)

Ken Baker